KRAFTWERK live ca. 1970

My first concert was Kraftwerk, around 1970. They played at our place in Reinbek (Hamburg East) in the auditorium of the Sachsenwald-Oberschule (SOS). The auditorium was packed. On the stage the musicians sounded with exotic instruments. I was 13 years young at the time and found the concert to be rather horrible noise, until I [...]

Kalacacra – Crawling to Lhasa

Kalacakra Their name is Tibetan, and means “wheel of time”, more or less. It was the name adopted at the start of the 70s by two friends from Duisburg: Claus Rauschenbach, on guitar, congas, mouth-organ and vocals, and Heinz Martin – who was already an experienced live performer – on electric guitar, flute, shawm, violin, [...]