Collecting CAN records – Update 2023

Collecting Can records Update 2023 Can ist mit ihrer ganz einzigartigen Musik neben Kraftwerk die deutsche Band, die sowohl national als auch international bei Vinylsammlern am beliebtesten ist. Die Erstpressungen ihrer klassischen Phase von Monster Movie bis Future Days sind nach wie vor sehr begehrt und unterliegen einer dynamischen Preisentwicklung nach oben. Die in der [...]

Hölderlin-Hölderlins Traum – Pilz 20 21314-5 – 1972

HÖLDERLIN debuted in 1972 on “Pilz” with the quite formidable album Hölderlins Traum produced by DIETER DIERKS. Psychedelic folk rock was a rare & even tender plant in Germany, which was mostly hybridized into galactic cucumbers in ROLF-ULRICH KAISER’s cosmic greenhouse. It’s a pity that the original line-up of H. with the wonderfully elegiac voice [...]


The fabulous story of the British blues rock band STEAMHAMMER in 5 acts This is the truly fascinating story of a band that set out in 1968 with hard blues rock and, via jazz and progressive rock, finally arrived at hard rock in 1974. The first LP, simply titled “Steamhammer”, was recorded in 1968 in [...]

ROLLING STONES – Their Satanic Majesties Request-UK-Mono DECCA TXL 403 / Stereo DECCA TXS 403-English version

The UK first edition of Satanic… is available in both mono and stereo. Both editions have the famous beautiful 3D cover in common. This, of course, does not exist on any CD edition that I know of. The original album is light years ahead of the CD not only sound-wise, but also haptically and visually, [...]