Agitation Free

Together with TANGERINE DREAM and ASH RA TEMPEL, AGITATION FREE formed the spearhead of the Berlin underground of the late 60s. Their experiments, oscillating between free rock, electronic music, ethno influences and free jazz, set them apart from inferior imitators of Anglo-American models and earned them a tour of the Middle East sponsored by the [...]

Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality

Vertigo 6360 050 Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality. Released with two different posters. one with a height of 35 inches, and one of only 24 inches. This is a leap forward for the Sabbies, no doubt about it. The interplay is more mature, as is illustrated by ‘After Forever’. They’ve even made room for [...]

CATAPILLA – Changes – Vertigo 6360 074

This is Catapilla`s 2nd album. Catapilla plough ahead on their own scary road. Meek’s exorcising and often wordless vocals still dominate the soundscape, as do Calvert’s ubiquitous saxophones – frequently with two of them playing at the same time. There is no sign anywhere of concessions being made to sales figures: this music aims at [...]