KRAFTWERK live ca. 1970

My first concert was Kraftwerk, around 1970. They played at our place in Reinbek (Hamburg East) in the auditorium of the Sachsenwald-Oberschule (SOS). The auditorium was packed. On the stage the musicians sounded with exotic instruments. I was 13 years young at the time and found the concert to be rather horrible noise, until I [...]

Kluster – Klopfzeichen + Kluster – Zwei Osterei

KLUSTER with “K” was the brainchild of CONRAD SCHNITZLER, who, with the help of the later much more successful MÖBIUS & RÖDELIUS, practised his exciting but occasionally quite alienating principle of “random music” hic et nunc & completely without electronics. SCHNITZLER, born in ’34, released Klopfzeichen in 1971 the first, and shortly afterwards Kluster Zwei-Osterei [...]