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An A-Z guide to rare and collectable KRAUTROCK records

by Ulrich Klatte

updated and revised 4th edition 2018


448 pages of essential KRAUTROCK collecting data covering label numbers, current Mint values and additional information on virtually every well-known, less-known and totally obscure KRAUTROCK record.

A total of more than 3,000 brilliant coloured pictures of original KRAUTROCK LP`s, Singles, Labels and memorabilia will give you an in-depth impression of the fascinating KRAUTROCK cosmos.

The book comes in a firm hard-cover, fibre binding, and high-quality enamelled paper throughout.

The book is written in English language completely.

Vorwort in Deutscher und Englischer Sprache.

It is a "bona fide" handbook for any collector and record dealer to identify original KRAUTROCK LPs and Singles.

ISBN 978-3-9810109-4-7


38.00 €

This will be the ultimate and final fourth edition of the COSMIC PRICE GUIDE in a new, contemporary design. A few thousand additions, corrections and cross-references will make the book certainly an experience!

Orders are welcome and highly appreciated.

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